Bing The Chimpanzee Plush

Bing The Chimpanzee Plush

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  • Meet Bing The Chimpanzee: At 10.5 inches, Bing The Chimpanzee offers a delightful bundle of fluffiness and cuddliness. This adorable stuffed plush toy monkey brings warmth to any space, charming everyone with its irresistible cuteness and comfortable embrace.
  • Cuddly: The plush stuffed monkey is an adorable delight, expertly crafted from premium plush materials. Its excellent craftsmanship is evident in its soft fur and intricate details, making it a treasured companion excellent for cuddling.
  • Quality: Known worldwide for luxurious fabrics and outstanding quality, every Bearington is created with commitment to delivering custom-designed, handcrafted stuffed animals
  • Keepsakes for life: For over a quarter century, Bearington has been the leader in creating award-winning stuffed animals and plush toys for babies, kids, and adults. Our collections offer everything from classic teddy bears to realistic dogs, wildlife and more!

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