Dad Jokes For Kids - Paperback Book

Dad Jokes For Kids - Paperback Book

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Dads have been embarrassing their kids for decades with goofy and groan-worthy jokes, and now it’s their children’s turn! In this hilarious new joke book, kids can out-dad-joke their dads and even learn how to write some of their own. Filled with over 350 silly jokes about school, sports, animals, and more, Dad Jokes for Kids will have young readers rolling with laughter and dads rolling their eyes! Plus, children can learn to write their own dad jokes with fun activities in the back!

Q: What did the carrot say to the broccoli?
A: Nothing. Vegetables can’t talk.

You can’t play hide-and-seek with mountains. They’re always peaking.

Q: What did the peanut butter say to the _______?
A: Quit loafing around.
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