Hand-Thrown Blue Lace Mug

Hand-Thrown Blue Lace Mug

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This Mug makes a great gift for the avid coffee or tea drinker. Unlike most of the ceramic mugs you see, these are slab built and start from a flat slab of clay that is then folded into its unique shape. They are super durable after being fired to Cone 10. Most pottery you see is Cone 5. The higher the cone the hotter the firing and the more durable the piece. There are over 14 hands on steps to make these unique ceramic mugs and each one takes a total of 9 days to make from start to finish. This hand built mug is not just a functional piece but also a piece of art.

Quick Process Overview:

Each mug you see on this page starts as a flat stoneware clay slab that’s pressed with one of a kind hand drawn stamps, real dried wild flowers, and/or real antique lace. Once formed by hand into their final shape they are bisque fired. They are then rubbed with stains to make the impressions pop and dipped in hand mixed glazes. Each one is high fired in rural WI out of my in home studio.

> 3.25" diam 4.25" tall

> Mug holds 12 fluid ounces

> Food, dishwasher, oven & microwave safe

Made in the USA!
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