Southern Hospitality Coconut Sweet Tea Foot Soak - 5oz

Southern Hospitality Coconut Sweet Tea Foot Soak - 5oz

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You’re on your feet a lot. So, take a load off darlin’! Our Sweet Teas are just what you need to soothe achy feet after a hard day’s work. Set includes 5 tea bags. (25oz)

Dispense one tea bag in 8 cups of warm water and soak feet for 15-20 minutes. Repeat regimen 3-4 times weekly. Additional warm water may be added to foot soak if water begins to cool.

For best results: Follow up with foaming sugar scrub, cream, and cuticle salve to completely revitalize feet. Store in a cool dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Warnings: For external use only. Product is created in the image of a tea bag and is to not to be opened or used for internal consumption. Not to be used in the presence of open wounds or irritated skin. Those with a history of diabetes or high blood pressure are strongly advised to consult a physician before use. Discontinue use immediately if adverse effects develop. Keep out of reach of children. For use with foot spas: Most electronic foot spas do not recommend adding salts, oils, or crystals to the water. These ingredients are known to clog the device. Please consult your owner’s manual.

Created by a southern-born podiatrist and his business-savvy belle, southern hospitality is a natural line of skincare. Products are foot-focused but appropriate for use over the entire body. They take pride in creating their handmade products in small batches using the highest quality of ingredients, all with a southern charm.

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